T-ring valve

The ring valve is a straight way valve with T-branch. On product passage it remains open. It is equipped with an integrated pig catcher.
In piggable systems this pig catch unit which can be used from both sides offers a wide variety of applications. Besides filling this valve can also produce a blister-free positioning of product between two pigs.
In this valve all dynamic seals are integrated in a valve unit which can be easily replaced. This valve unit is spring-closing, i. e. the valve closes automatically on loss of control air.
Available sizes are DN 50 up to DN 150 (2” up to 6”)
  • Compact installation size
  • All dynamic seals are integrated in the easily replaceable valve unit
The ring valve opens a T-shaped outlet into a piggable pipeline. On this opening process a ring-shaped element slides crosswise to the pipeline and thus produces the opening. This ring is also the pig catcher.

The Ring valve can be equipped with following options:

  • Flush connection
  • Instrumentation for Ex-area (position sensor etc.)
  • Special installation sizes (Interior diameter and installation length)
With this integrated T-ring valve the product is transferred into the tank via the two pig system - without any residues. Each tank has its own T-ring valve. Several tanks can be served via one pigging line. All T-ring valves are completely made of stainless steel.
The compact version of the T-ring valve for large sizes, here: DN 150 (6“).
The update version of the T-ring valve with aerodynamically efficient body and rinse connection (visible here).
T-ring valve in block design.
A T-ring valve in the smallest size DN 25 (1“)
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